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You win....

Each week we drop our weekly awards and today you'll will get them early!

Here is a list of the awards we do each week

Game ball of the week is the best player from each week.

Defensive play of the week is very self explanatory.

Offensive play is the same.

Rookie of the week...

Now lets get into the special awards..

Not on you- Your Team lost and its not your fault ...

FWW- A moment where it all went wrong...

Game ball of the week goes too Puka Nacua. As a rookie he has broken records and made a name for himself.

163 Yards, 1 Big TD in the Overtime win! Side note just imagine the offense when Cooper gets back in the lineup!

Non on you award!

Shoutout to Zach Wilson! He balled out this week and it was no doubt about it. Heartbreaking Lost especially after all the social media news and negativity. A questionable call ended the game.

Devon Witherspoon Gets Rookie of the week!

97 Yard Pick 6!

Offensive play of the week!

Mark Andrews

TD caught in the back of the end zone for his second TD of the day!

Defensive play of the Week.

Sam Franklin pick off Kirk Cousins and had some help getting into the endzone.

In the end they lost but this was play was chosen.

Last but not least, #FWW (Fuk Wrong WitEm)

Justin Herbert put a juke on Crosby and then

Tillery. knocked him out of bounds. that set it off

and all hell broke lose on the sideline.

Thanks for checking out our awards.

drop a comment and let us know what you think!


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