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Staying or Filling…

Today we learned Bill Belichick will be having a 2nd interview with the #Falcons. I'm sorting through possible opportunities and wondering if this is the right move for him!

Mike Tomlin is stayin wit the #steelers as expected! 173-100-2. Playoff 8-10 (1 SB)

Mike McCarthy is keeping his job with the #Cowboys. I personally think him and Dak time is up. 167-102-2. Playoff 11-11 (1 SB)

And then the #Eagles announce Nick Siriani is staying in Philly!

#Seahawks opening is beautiful a lot of pieces there just gotta get it going.

#Panthers opening is a shit show.

#Falcons job looks good but they need a legit QB!

#Commandrs have to sign Eric Bieniemy right????

#Raiders must lock in Antonio Pierce‼️ Not up for debate!

Drop your comments and let me kno what you think...

U can watch the whole show from last night here:


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