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New Chicken on the block

Over on Greenmount Ave there is a new carry out that open up on May 22. This is a branch off a food truck called "Eat This Food Truck". This project has been in the works since September 2022. Opening this carryout was no easy task, a lot of hard work and money went into the cleaning restructuring of this establishment to pass health dept and a serious of other inspections.

The brain was burning coming up with the perfect menu and also trying to compete with the local neighborhood business that's been in the community for years and have loyal customers.

If you from Baltimore you might have gotten a chance to see this purple truck ridding around town #HaveYouEatenToday. The Eat This Food Truck has been at Popup Shops, youth sports games, & all the way up to Large Corporate events.

Check out for booking info.

So with years of experience in the food industry the food must be good right?

Congratulations to the newest Establishment in the Waverly community!!!!!

Wish you tons of success on your new Journey. The address is 3111 Baltimore md 21218

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